We believe
in making

"Recipes that blend art and science to balance taste and nutrition. And the magic ingredient called quality."

Pure, wholesome ingredients.

Founder’s reflection of transforming Indian Laddus:

It began as a soul searching moment as to why there is not a single product of Indian origin is in the mainstream consumption of the world market. Little deeper search for potential products brought out laddus as one potential product. Once limiting factors and those aspects which are overwhelmingly in favour was compared, it was easier to conclude that laddus stands a chance to be adopted globally. Thus was born "wowladdus" an equity funded enterprise focused on global foot print from word go.

Since I hold a Mechanical Engineering degree and have wide product development exposure and that Ten global patents in my name cries loud about that streak of innovation competency, I decided to look at getting laddus of Indian origin modified to global product standards in food. In casual articulation we started saying in team meetings that "let us change everything about laddus except its shape".

Once large number of people said "this is delicious", irrespective of their origin and acquired taste till then, it was clear to us that its matter of time we can have our first laddu for commercial launch. In no time we had a range of laddus. Rest of the challenge was to work on that comment you hear around the world that Indian products lack the finesse when it comes to packaging. Happy to recollect every single meeting around the world where people invariably said, this packaging looks wow!.

Test marketed though our own webstore for e-commerce friendliness and then scaled up through amazon and all other platforms in India. Market in USA was waiting as sweet taste is undeniably attractive and all customers were looking was for someone to offer in the most desirable form. Loaded with Nutrition market acceptance in USA was instant.

Amazon helped us to serve markets like UK, Canada, France in no time.
Now that model is proved and product acceptance is universal, it will be matter of time where we raise our next round of larger capital and start going after global foot print.

WOW Laddus are now globally accepted irrespective of the geography from which one hails, phase one of the venture is well done. Rest is all about commercial scale up globally offering Organic, Vegan and many more application oriented offerings with ingredients sourced globally.

Is laddu a desert, is it a snack, should I have it only during celebrations or can I have it daily as Nutritious indulgence, is it good for my child.. Answers are evolving daily. We are committed to Laddus and to make it a wow inclusion globally retaining social and environmental focus all the time with investors and partners from around the world.