If you like laddus, you will love WOW Laddus!

WOW Laddus is the result of global audience participating in transforming Indian Laddus.

We reached out to over few thousand people from various parts of the world for our tasting sessions so that we could map our recipe for laddus which is acceptable to most of the people across various geographies. The intention was to elevate Indian Laddus to be in line with globally accepted chocolates and go beyond that through some more thinking about what has changed in the world when it comes to celebrations or snacking habits or exploring while on travel to different geographies.


To be known globally as "Preferred Nutritious Indulgence Product" is one of the objective of wowladdus.This venture is all about taking a traditional product from India to the centre stage of day to day living. We are looking at achieving this through combination of Values practiced, Technology and Business leadership by harnessing global skillsets. We hear loud and clear the voice of consumer for deep change from historical models practiced so far as part of industrial revolution.

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Partner With Us

We are very keen to partner up with trade, suppliers and experts from technology and management to create global foot print for wowladdus at a very high velocity than we doing it all alone. We are a equity funded company from word go and hence early stage investors and VC’s are welcome to reach out to us.