FAQ Frequently Asked Questions.

You can order wowladdus on wowladdus.com through company's own webstore and get freshly made laddus personally delivered through our own personnel in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and Delhi. For other cities we send through premium courier and own that process of delivery responsibly.

You can order through amazon.in (for India) , amazon.com (for USA), amazon.ca (for Canada), amazon.co.uk( for UK) and amazon.fr (for France).

You can also order through sms or Whatsapp- +91 916 806 7333 or +91 973 925 1008.

We shall also serve you through our retail partners.

To order in bulk for special events, weddings or corporate gifting, please write to management@wowladdus.com

To order in bulk for special events, weddings or corporate gifting, please write to management@wowladdus.com

Yes we can deliver at home or office across India or USA or Canada using our own team or e-commerce partners or our delivery partners based on the situation. In any situation we hold ourselves accountable for the delivery process.

Yes wowladdus is available in select cities in USA through Retail channel partners. We are actively selling in Sanfrancisco, Dallas, Seattle, New York. In all other cities customers can order through amazon.com

Yes, various designs are available for gift packs. These are designed with personal celebrations as focus as well as corporate gifting. There are many case studies where wowladdus designed exclusive packs and delivered outside India against specific orders.

Wowladdus is a highly ambitious global company actively building foot print across many locations globally.

Based on the special competencies which a partner brings to the table, we have opportunities across business functions including go to market or manufacturing.

Since customers are tired of eating food items laden with preservatives for higher shelf life, we have ensured from the word go that we use no preservatives.

We also ensure fresh laddus through distributed manufacturing units across India. Our processes are also designed for as small as 12 laddus in a batch. This is the uniqueness of wowladdus apart from recipe and various other approach to delivering laddus as fresh as possible.

Yes, COD is available in most of the cities across India. Please do check with us through telecon if you wish to avail this process for small individual orders.